The Educational environment is a unique marketplace because these young early adaptors escalate so rapidly in their skills that the challenge is to provide the most up to date, state-of-the-art tools to allow our future generations to flourish unencumbered.

So often in Education it’s not what you know today it’s what you need to know for tomorrow. Simply keeping up with the rapidity of change represents a unique challenge within the educational marketplace. It’s difficult to know everything necessary to remain current but it’s easy to know someone who does. Our commitment has been singular in purpose and that is simply to provide students with the best technology to enhance seamless and continuous learning. Working closely with technical staff at the school or post-graduate level we have a clear understanding of your specific goals and objectives.

The key requirements are universal accessibility, durability and reliability without compromising quality or service.

We do this by providing certified refurbished, brand name IT solutions at low prices, with an unconditional commitment to standing behind the very best warranties and service in the industry.
We cherish the educational marketplace and endeavor to provide the excellence necessary to exceed the standards and expectations of this exciting environment.


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Education Products

North America’s leading provider of refurbished IT equipment.

The product offerings from CNB Computers are as varied as the suppliers who provide them. As North America’s leading provider of refurbished information technology equipment, an ISO 9001 certified, Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. We have access to millions of dollars of IT products from Tier 1 vendors like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, and others. Our IT products have been brought to new manufacturer’s standards and are all backed with the most comprehensive Warranties in the industry.







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