Millennium Micro Show 2017!

Another great show at the annual Millennium Micro Show. Congratulations to the winners to the grand prize draw. If you couldn’t make it this year, join us next year for the 2018 Millennium Micro Show.

Kelvin Castelino, Richard Galcynski, Anil Kaushik, Karim Kajia, Mario Chabot, Marilyn Chabot

Prize draw winners:
Kelvin Castelino VP Sales CNB Computers presents prize draw at Millenium Micro Show 2017 to Laurence Girouard of FLEET INFORMATIQUE

Anil Kaushik, Kelvin Castelino, Laurence Girouard

Anil Kaushik Consultant CNB Computers presents second prize draw at Millenium Micro Show 2017 to Arnold Janzen of CONTEGO TECH

Kelvin Castelino, Anil Kaushik, Arnold Janzen