Why Buy New?

Kelvin Castelino, Director of Business Development for CNB Computers addressed Millenium Micro at their Laval Show in Montreal on the merits of “Refurbished Computers”

This raises a bigger question – Why Buy New?

Kelvin at Millenium Micro Show

How many of us want to buy the new shiny watch, the new car or fancy new clothes? We should ask ourselves why do we want to do that. What drives us to do that? Our perceptions are shaped by marketing and advertising companies that promote the ideal that new is better and new is something we must have.

A few months back, I happened to be in the office of the IT Director for one of the largest private colleges in Canada and I was in this individual’s office for over an hour. He was explaining to me that he had reached the conclusion that he did not have to buy new. He explained that the technology on refurbished was sound and offered him the reliability for what he had to do at a price that was 40% less than new.

Educated end-users are coming to the realization that “I don’t have to spend $1,000 a unit”. I can get quality, reliability and a warranty for a product that can provide for my needs.

CNB Computers is one of the largest refurbisher and distributors of computers in Canada. Contact us to experience value!

Kelvin Castelino, Director of Business Development for CNB Computers presents prize draw to Combat Computers at the Millenium Micro Show.

Combat Computers 2

Combat Computers 1

The Millenium Micro Show in Laval was an extraordinary event with several hundred dealers being represented.
It was CNB Computers first year at the show and it was an excellent experience to meet all the dealers from across Canada.